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  • Janurary 2021

    We truly cherish our purchase and proudly display it in our home. It resides in our front entry where everyone who visits us can see it. We will be having professional lighting installed soon to really highlight this masterpiece. It was a bit difficult to photograph due to its location but I have attached 3 views to give you an idea. I hope you can save each image to your computer and then use it as you wish. Thank you and we wish you much success as you continue to promote the work of your skilled masters.

    Michael & Sharyn Hamer, England

  • January 2019

    My family is very happy to see the beautiful black marble table in my dinning room. We personally want to thank all those who created the beautiful table.
    We thank you for the excellent packing and shipping. The service has been excellent. As I had mentioned in my call to you, we have ordered for dining chairs, which will take 3 weeks to deliver. I shall send you photographs of it once I get the chairs. Lot of people here already have appreciated it.

    Prakhar Singh , USA

  • We’ve got our beautiful tables, thank you very much!!! I hope,we will see you next year. We’ve sent you our photos.


    Aliya Dosmambetova, Spain

    Store Manager, Walmart Inc
  • March 2017

    The team at Uniquehandicraftsind was incredibly professional and helpful. The story is a beautiful collection of the most incredible works. I purchased both ready made items and was able to order a table made to my exact specifications. Both tables were shipped to me much faster than I expected and the packaging was incredible..there was no way these tables would have been damaged during shipping. I highly recommend Unique Handicrafts to anyone going to Agra!


    Megan Kempe, Paris

  • Dec, 2020

    The chess set was beautifully made and was shipped well, carefully packaged so as not to arrive damaged. It was the perfect gift for my husband and will get lots of use. It’s also lovely enough to be kept out as a nice decoration!


    Kassandra , Canada

    Store Mananger
  • Dec, 2020

    Absolutely stunning! Great quality craftsmanship. Even included a note as it was a gift shipped straight to my Brother in Law. They received it in about a week! Yes, from India.

    My BIL was blown away. Best gift idea ever. Don’t hesitate and miss out on this. I’m now trying to think who else needs one next year.


    Wendy Marriott Follow

    Software Devloper
  • My coffee table was designed exactly like I wanted it! It truly is unique and one of a kind! Also, the customer service and down time were amazing!! LOVE IT! It was shipped nice and everything came has promised! I highly recommend!


    Kristi Shaw Arkansas, United States

    Senior Manger

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Process Of Making Inlay Art

Process Of Making Inlay art

UniqueHandicraftsIND offers you with a wide variety of handicraft pieces such as coffee table,Dinning table,center table,patio,Garden decor,showpieces, coasters sets , incense stick holders, photo frames, wall decor, fruit bowl, jewelry box,flower pots, name plates, pen stand, religious show pieces and whatnot.

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With exclusive price tie ups with prominent courier companies like DHL and FedEx, we ensure a smooth delivery of your masterpiece to your doorstep free of cost! All Over The World

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All our semi precious stones go through a rigorous process of selection so be assured that you are getting a genuine product.

100% hand-crafted

Following the same methods that built The Taj, we honor the tradition of hand crafting every single one of our products with love and care.

Completely customisable

No matter the requirement, be it a custom tabletop, marble sofa or inlaid floor, we will work with you all the way through to realize your dream project.