Marble Serving Tray White Marble

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Marble Serving Tray White Marble Decorated With Semi Precious Gemstones Unique Art Piece For Home Decor | Attractive Way To Host Guest

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Handmade item

size 16x 12 inches

White Marble, Black Pearl, Mother of Pearl, Paua Shell, Milky Stone,Malachite ,hakik many more gem stones

Antique White Marble Serving Tray

Size 9″ x 12″ Inches
This piece is inlaid with different types of semi precious stones like Black Pearl, Mother of Pearl, Paua Shell, Milky Stone
This is perfectly handmade by the skilled artisan.
A Finest Creation of art.
You will love this piece at your home.
We will ship it to you by DHL or FedEx

Marble inlay is a traditional art and only a few expert are skilled enough to do justice to it in this day and age. The delicate process involves carefully cutting and engraving marble shapes by hand.
To begin with, a predefined pattern, like say, a floral or geometrical design is engraved on the surface of the marble. After this, small pieces of semiprecious stones of different shades are cut delicately to precisely fit and slipped into these grooves.
You will be very happy to have these products in your home.


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